1:45pm | Money Talks:  Mastering The Money Game & Achieving Financial Freedom

Workshop Description: Achieving financial freedom is the goal for all entrepreneurs and self starters.  Learn how to increase your personal income while increasing your company’s profits.  Master wealth building concepts & personal money management, understand future savings the tax benefits available to you, establish accumulation vehicles, and create a financial exit strategy.  Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, or on that 40-hour work week grind, this workshop applies to you! 


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Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin is a Licensed Financial Professional who is passionate about sharing tools and systems that unlock prosperity on all levels.

Jennifer is proud to have a practice that integrates two of her passions, Financial Education and Holistic Healing. She is a financial professional who helps individuals, families, business owners, & self-starters to secure their financial futures. She also has an extensive background in the healing arts including massage, aromatherapy, energy work, breath-work, & meditation. She feels very fortunate to have found a way to weave together her financial background, and her holistic arts background, to provide a unique and valuable service to her clients.

In addition, Jennifer has an extensive business owner history. She has started 4 businesses from ground level and is currently working on launching her 5th, Claiming Prosperity.

To find out more about Jennifer and her work visit www.claimingprosperity.com


Chris Grantham is a Licensed Financial Professional is a Co-Founder of Project 1000. He is deeply passionate about helping families and business owners build strong safety nets to protect their assets, build generational wealth and leave a legacy for the ones they love.