1:45pm | Making Green off the Greenery

Panel Description: Sustainability isn't just ethical, it's profitable. In this session, sustainable business experts will share insider information on how greening your business can boost your image... and your bottom line.



Judith Ford, PhD. is an Interdisciplinary scholar, writer and teacher with twenty years of broad, multinational academic,commercial and advocacy experience in intercultural management and communication. Throughout her career she has: Conducted complex research projects for a range of subjects, including product globalization,
environmental policy collaboration and trans-disciplinary PhD dissertation. Managed diverse
groups of stakeholders to achieve common strategic goals and build consensus and understanding
of subject matter, as well as created and implemented multiple new and complementary programs, courses,
and positions to fill gaps in existing structure and knowledge.


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Mike Hannigan, President of Give Something Back Workplace Solutions, was born in Pensacola, Florida. He earned his B.A. in Philosophy from U.C. San Diego and his M.A. in Criminology from U.C. Berkeley. He began work for the Xerox Corporation and built his career in management for business products companies for the next decade until starting GSB. Says Hannigan, “I was active in the usual social movements of the late ’60s and ’70s, and although I was very successful as a businessperson, I was never really comfortable in that role and never happy unless I was involved in some type of community political activism. I approached Sean Marx with the idea of forming a company that would combine our business skills and our values. We saw an opportunity to use the power of business to further the goals of community service through funding non-profit organizations. We started the company in 1991 with $20,000 each from our savings and started making sales calls from my living room.”


Sharmila Singh is a sustainability consultant and educator with expertise in business development, sustainable product design and social entrepreneurship. She is currently a Sustainability Coach for REV, facilitating peer learning cohorts of Bay Area businesses with the end result of developing actionable sustainability plans. Sharmila serves on the board for Bay Area Green Tours, a non-profit providing sustainability education to youth and professionals by introducing them to local organizations with innovative solutions. She is also on the board for Youth SEED, an Oakland non-profit supporting young innovators who traditionally face barriers to economic opportunities in developing community-led social enterprises.