This year’s conference, the first under our newly re-launched Center for Transformative Action (formerly the Center for Socially Responsible Business), will convene and connect cross-sector Bay Area social venture business leaders, technical assistance providers, growth capital providers, academia, policy makers, and community-based organizations in pursuit of an equitable future.  With the goal of unleashing the untapped vitality within our communities, our conference will host a series of curated conversations and interactive workshops that galvanize Bay Area stakeholders to engage in shared social change.

This year’s theme, Communities Unbound: Igniting Social Actualization, seeks to harness communities’ own internal and intergenerational strengths, resources, and acumen to drive wholesome and sustainable economic and social ecosystems.

The conference sessions will explore:  How can we change the rules governing the intersections of business, politics, and community engagement where we live and work? Can we shift the narrative to prioritize social capital, lived experience, and community relationships, so that it becomes the valued norm in community and economic development? How do business, policy, and community leaders collectively leverage the unique assets of where we work and live to inspire transformational positive change?

We hope you can join this day of robust discussions with the most creative, engaged and transformative leaders in the Bay Area who are working diligently to contribute to the vibrancy of our community and local economy through initiatives that support social entrepreneurs, community programs, policy advocacy and small businesses.

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The Center for Transformative Action seeks to provide and guide support services, education, policy impact, advocacy, thought leadership and social initiatives in the pursuit of profound, vibrant change in our communities and society.